Kingson Life was set up in 2001 to provide world class Life, Health ,General Insurance and financial services to Customer across the India. Kingson Life as a one stop Mall provider of Life, Health , General Insurance and financial services in India. The Kingson Life India Insurance Services is a direct sales and marketing solutions provider. We also market variety of unique and innovative branded Life Insurance products that of Human life. It is the stringent standards of quality and services. The Kingson Life has tied up with Govt/Pvt/Mnc Insurance Company, to bring world class Life insurance experience for all Kingson Life customers. At Kingson Life, you get the advantage of a one stop Mall for all your Life insurance needs. Kingson Life Associated with Indias powerful or strongest Brand in Life Insurance Company. Kingson Life India Insurance Services offering services to compare all the Life insurance plans and Health Insurance Plan with Auto Recharge offered by all leading Trusted Life insurance and Health Insurance companies. .


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Online Term Insurance 90%
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Online Health Insurance 90%
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Critical Illness Plan 70%

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Online Motor Insurance 90%
Property Insurance 80%
Accidental Insurance Plan 70%


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Kingson Life India Insurance Services

Kingson Life as a one stop Mall provider of Life, Health , General Insurance and financial services.

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We offer access to Insurance Products and services. As a trusted Insurance Service Provider for Insurance Products and Investment Services and also we can help you take action with a wide variety of Health Insurance Products.




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    According to the Insurance Act, 1938 read with the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act, and the IRDAI (Appointment of Insurance Agents) Regulations, 2016. The qualifications necessary for being our advisor are as follows:
    • You should be at least 18 years old
    • You should have at least passed class 10 or equivalent examination
    • It is compulsory for you to attend Insurance Training organised by Life Insurance Company and appear for the pre-recruitment test conducted by IRDAI authorised examination body



  • Frequently Asked Questions Travel Insurance Plan

    What if you cut short your trip?
    • Your policy can be cancelled and premium will be refunded if difference Between the date of arrival of insured and end date of policy is 15 days or more. (Cancellation charges ` 300 would be deducted)
    • No cancellation will be allowed if a Claim is filed on the policy. Review your decision (only if policy is for 1 year) We have your best interests at heart and at the same time recognize that you know your needs best. Hence, after purchasing the policy, if you find it unsuitable, you can cancel and return the policy to us. Our policies come with a free-look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of policy.
    What if the vehicle you are traveling in met with an accident?
    Personal Accident: Covers any unfortunate situation arising out of an accident, death or permanent total disability, while you’re traveling abroad. What if the aircraft you’re traveling in is involved in a mid-air mishap? Common Carrier Accidental Death: Lump sum payment of Sum Insured in case of accidental death as a passenger on a common carrier/transport.

    What if you cancelled your trip because of a Tsunami?
    Trip Cancellation & Interruption: We cover financial loss incurred out of cancellation of your trip due to an unforeseen event arising due to specified man made or natural situations.

    What if you have a medical emergency while mountain climbing during your trip?
    Medical Evacuation: Covers all costs incurred for any emergency transportation and evacuation services, to transfer you to an appropriate medical facility within our network.

    What if you are a FREQUENT FLYER?
    You can opt for multi trip policy if you are a frequent flyer. There are two options to choose from –
    • Multi Trip with maximum 45 days per trip
    • Multi Trip with maximum 60 days per trip
    Choose your policy duration as per your needs In case of single trip, you can opt for a policy period up to a max. of 365 days or max. trip duration as specified under each plan. Also, if you wish to extend your policy, you can do it for a max. duration of 365 days by logging on to www.religarehealthinsurance.com (extension only available if policy period is less than 365 days)

    What if you have a painful fall during your adventure trek and end up with missing teeth?
    Dental Expenses: Covers dental expenses incurred in connection with any injury while on your trip.

    What if you’re down with severe malaria but your son has to return to school?
    Return of Minor Child: Covers the return cost of your minor child to your home location, in case you’re hospitalized and traveling alone with your child/children.

    What if you fractured your back/spine and can’t travel economy class?
    Up-gradation To Business Class: Compensates for up-gradation to business class for return air travel, in case of hospitalization for over five consecutive days, due to injury sustained whilst on a trip.

    What if you contracted severe viral during your trip?
    Medical Cover: Covers your hospitalization or treatment if during your travel you are diagnosed with an illness, or any previous illness reoccurs. In case you require further treatment even after your return, expenses for the same will be covered up to a period of 30 days or up to policy end date, whichever is earlier. What’s more! In case of accidental hospitalization, your policy Sum Insured is doubled.

    What if regaining your Checked-In Baggage becomes a concern?
    Loss of Checked-In Baggage: Covers expenses for your checked-in baggage that you lost while in custody of the Common Carrier. Delay of Checked-In Baggage: Covers expenses in case of a delay in receipt of the checked-in baggage beyond 12 consecutive hours.

    What if you want your mom to visit you while hospitalized?
    2-way Compassionate Visit: Covers transportation expenses for one immediate family member to travel to the insured’s current location.

    What if a technical glitch caused your flight to be delayed?
    Trip Delay: Covers expenses incurred if your departure is delayed beyond 12 consecutive hours due to specified reasons/issues.

    What if you wish to make a phone call to your spouse often while hospitalized?
    Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalization: Pays for (a specified amount per day of stay at the hospital) numerous allied expenses such as attendant’s meals, transportation and communication incurred but not covered under your Policy.

    What if you dropped your heavy suitcase fracturing an old woman’s foot?
    Personal Liability: Covers expenses against legal liability for bodily injury or property damage that occurred accidentally to third parties during your trip.

    What if you can’t find your passport?
    Loss of Passport: Covers expenses for the issue of a new or duplicate passport.
  • MediPrime Cashless Mediclaim Insurance TATA-AIG

    TATA-AIG MediPrime Cashless Mediclaim Insurance Key Features
    • No medicals on enrollment – Upto 50 years and/or for sum assured below Rs 5 lacs
    • Comprehensive hospitalization coverage withoutany sub-limits
    • On inpatient treatment expenses
    • On day care procedures expenses
    • On domiciliary treatment
    • On organ donor expenses
    • Tax Benefits-Get tax benefits for premium paid on policies as per section 80D of the Income Tax Act.Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.
    • No co-pay is applicable
    • Cashless hospitalization at 3000+ hospitals      
    •  Click here to view the list of network hospitals
    • No loading on renewal premium in case of a claim
    • We offer lifelong renewal provided premium is paid without any break.
      Free Look Period –You have a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the Policy document to review the terms and conditions of this Policy. If You have any objections to any of the terms and conditions, You have the option of cancelling the Policy stating the reasons for cancellation and You will be refunded the premium paid by You after adjusting the amounts spent on stamp duty charges and proportionate risk premium. You can cancel Your Policy only if You have not made any claims under the Policy. All Your rights under this Policy will immediately stand extinguished on the free look cancellation of the Policy. Free look provision is not applicable and available at the time of renewal of the Policy.
    • Grace Period of 30 days for renewing the Policy is provided under this Policy. However, coverage would not be available for the period for which no premium has been received.
      Sum Insured Enhancement – Sum Insured can be enhanced only at the time of renewal. However the quantum of increase shall be as per underwriting guidelines of the company.
  • Bharti AXA offers Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

    Bharti AXA offers health insurance with a range of benefits to take care of you and your family's health care needs. Our Comprehensive Health Insurance is flexible and affordable, available in 3 plans - Rs. 2 lakhs, Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs - to suit your needs and budget.

    Health plans provide you:

    • Cashless hospitalization at 4300+ hospitals across India
    • Day-care procedures
    • Pre and post hospitalization expenses
    • Double sum insured if diagnosed with any of the 20 main critical illnesses (on selected health plans)
    • Unlimited room rent (on selected health plans)
    • Lifetime renewal
    • Tax benefit under section 80 (D) up to Rs 15,000
    • 24x7 claim assistance and easy claim settlement process
    • 5% renewal discount every year maximum up to 25% on a progressive scale
    • Dedicated Claims Handler for health insurance claims
    1. Day care treatment where 24 hours of hospitalization is not required for treatments like dialysis, chemotherapy, eye surgery, lithotripsy, etc., undertaken in a hospital
    2. Domiciliary hospitalization where care and treatment is taken at home exceeding 3 days for disease, illness or injuryCritical Illness covered:    
      • Cancer
      • First Heart Attack
      • Coronary Artery Disease
      • Coronary Artery bypass surgery
      • Heart Valve Surgery
      • Surgery to Aorta
      • Stroke
      • Kidney Failure
      • Aplastic Anemia
      • End Stage Lung Disease
      • End Stage Liver Failure
      • Coma
      • Major organ/Bone Marrow
      • Major Burns
      •  Transplantation
      • Multiple Sclerosis
      • Fulminant Hepatitis
      • Motor Neurone Disease
      • Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
      • Terminal Illness
      • Bacterial Meningitis
    Refer policy wordings (PDF, 383 KB) to view the complete list of critical illnesses covered.
  • Get Best Cashless Mediclaim Health Insurance Policy

    Get Best Cashless Mediclaim Health Insurance Policy

    www.zeeinsurance.co.in/home.aspxCashless Mediclaim Health Insurance are hospitalization benefit plans that are offered by general and
    health insurance companies. Mediclaim plans ensure that your medical expenses are expenses, or reimbursed by the insurance company, in case you have to incur those during the coverage period. The best mediclaim policy takes care of medical expenses following hospitalization in case of sudden illness or any surgery. Benefits of Mediclaim Policy Comparison.

    Mediclaim policy comparison can be done keeping in mind how you can apply for the benefit under the policy in case of an emergency. Whether you can access cashless facility wherein bills are directly paid by the insurance company to the hospital or can pay your bills in the hospital and get a reimbursement afterwards by submitting the same to the insurance company. Out of the two cashless mediclaim insurance india is of great advantage during medical emergencies.

    1) Cashless health insurance facility reduces a customer’s financial burden and helps him recover with peace of mind.

    2) It helps customers who do not have immediate liquid money for pay for their hospitalisation expenses.Thus, while you compare mediclaim policy always consider your overall limits under the plan, the depth of coverage and the hospitals so that you avail excellent health care facilities offered by mediclaim insurance companies. The other points to consider while buying best mediclaim policy are following:

    Sum Insured: It is the total annual liability under the policy; you should look at a plan that gives you the maximum coverage in your budget.

    Co payment: It means you claim amount will be divided amongst you and your insurance company by a certain percentage. It is wise to check for this option beforehand.

    Limits on specific treatments: Insurers put limits on certain specific treatments such as cataract or cardiac treatments. Make sure that you are ok with these limits

    Waiting period: Check the policy conditions for the various policies and get a clear picture of the waiting periods of specific diseases.

    Hospital room rent and Maternity cover: Keep in mind the upper limits here and see if this covers the costs in the hospital of your choice. Check for various sub-limits.

    Empaneled Hospitals: Check if your hospital is empaneled under the insurer. This would make life easier while availing cashless facility.

    Day Care Treatments: Compare the list of day care procedures covered and choose the best for you
    You can compare mediclaim plans offered by mediclaim insurance companies at KingsonLife Insurance and choose the best mediclaim policy as per your need.

  • Maternity Insurance Cover in India Pregnancy Policy

    Religare Health Insurance launch Maternity Insurance Plan - Buy instant policy, No paper work‎ with Cashless @ 4100 hospitals. Religare Health Insurance launch one of the most joyous experiences one can ever have. 

    That’s why we have designed ‘JOY’ - that not only covers hospitalization expenses during pregnancy but also addresses your maternity and health needs, for both today and tomorrow.
    When a member of your family is sick or hurt, the last thing you want to think about is how you’re going to pay for it. You just want them to get the care they need right away. 

    That’s why its important to do your homework now and get the right family health insurance plan today so you don’t have to think about it when something does come up.Health insurance plans that provide maternity coverage will generally cover the standard medical costs associated with a healthy pregnancy. 

    ‘JOY’ -  with Maternity and new born cover has unique features like Health Insurance Policy
    • Cashless treatment at 4100+ hospitals
    • A perfect blend of hospitalization and maternity insurance
    • Industry’s lowest 'Waiting period' of only 9 months for maternity related claims.
    • New born baby cover
    • 100% increase of sum insured with no claim bonanza
    Plan Details
    Sum Insured – On annual basis
    Rs. 3 Lakh
    Rs. 5 Lakh
    Hospitalisation Expenses
    Yes, up to Sum Insured
    Yes, up to Sum Insured
    Room Category
    Single Private Room with AC
    Single Private Room with AC
    Pre-Hospitalisation Medical Expenses
    Up to 30 days
    Up to 30 days
    Post-Hospitalisation Medical Expenses
    Up to 60 days
    Up to 60 days
    Ambulance Cover
    Up to Rs. 1,000 per Claim
    Up to Rs. 1,000 per Claim
    Maternity Cover (including Pre-natal & Post-Natal expenses)
    Up to Rs. 35,000
    Up to Rs. 50,000
    Newborn Baby Cover
    Up to Rs. 30,000
    Up to Rs. 50,000
    No Claim Bonanza (Optional Benefit)

    Policy Terms
    Entry Age - Minimum
    Adult: 18 years
    Child: 1 Day
    New Born: 1 Day
    Entry Age - Maximum
    Adult: 65 years
    Child: 24 years
    New Born: 90 Days
    Exit Age
    Cover Type
    Individual/ Family Floater
    Lifelong Renewability. The policy can be renewed under the then prevailing Health Insurance with Maternity Benefit Product or its nearest substitute approved by IRDA
    If you enroll at the age of 61 years or more, you will have to pay 20% of the claim amount under the policy. We pay the rest.
    Waiting Period
    30 days for any illness except accident
    9 months for maternity
    2 years for specific treatments/illness
    4 years for pre-existing diseases
    Grace Period
    30 days from the date of expiry to renew the policy
    Policy Tenure
    3 years
    Maternity Cover
    Available only up to 45 years of age

    What is not covered? 
    • Any pre-existing ailment/injury that was diagnosed/acquired within 48 months prior to issuance of the first policy
    • Any diseases contracted during first 30 days of the policy start date except those arising out of accidents
    • Non-allopathic treatment.
    • Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injury (resulting from suicide, attempted suicide)
    • Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse
    • Cost of spectacles/contant lenses, dental treatment
    • Medical expenses incurred for treatment of AIDS
    • Congenital disease
    • Tests and treatment relating to infertility and in-vitro fertilisation.
    • Pregnancy
  • Maternity Pregnancy Insurance Cover in India

    Religare Health Insurance launch Maternity Insurance Plan - Buy instant policy, No paper work‎ with Cashless @ 4100 hospitals. Religare Health Insurance launch one of the most joyous experiences one can ever have. 

    That’s why we have designed ‘JOY’ - that not only covers hospitalization expenses during pregnancy but also addresses your maternity and health needs, for both today and tomorrow.
    When a member of your family is sick or hurt, the last thing you want to think about is how you’re going to pay for it. You just want them to get the care they need right away. 

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