• Cat Breeds American Shorthair

    Cat Breeds
    American Shorthair

    Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a
    purebred cat. There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own
    characteristic appearance and temperament and history. Think carefully about what you
    would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would
    care to consider:

    The American Shorthair

    Originally known as the Domestic Shorthair, the American Shorthair is truly
    America's cat. The Shorthairs' ancestors came to America from Europe with the early
    settlers. Records show that the famous Mayflower had several working cats aboard her on
    her famous voyage to the new world. Also, written records exist that mention the cats that
    lived with the colonists at Jamestown in 1609. These cats were working members of their
    communities and valued for their contributions to the well being of these early
    settlements. Ever since that time, this breed has patrolled farms and stables for mice and
    rats all over the country.

          In the early 20th century, foreign breeds arriving on these shores threatened the
    distinctive look and temperament of the native shorthair breed. Admirers of the American
    Shorthair began acquire the finest examples of the breed that they could find. They set up
    selective breeding programs based on these individuals to preserve this beautiful and
    unique breed of cats. The breed was officially recognized by the Cat Fancier's
    Association (CFA) in 1904 as one of its first five breeds. The very first registered
    American Shorthair was named Buster Brown. In 1966 the breed registry changed its
    name from Domestic Shorthair to American Shorthair. The move was made to accentuate
    it all American heritage and to distinguish it from other shorthair breeds.

          The American Shorthair is famous for its amiable temperament. Its' quiet
    disposition toward children and dogs has made the American Shorthair a family favorite
    for many years. This breed tends to be of moderate to large size, healthy, strong , well
    balance and long-lived. They are independent, lively, playful cats that retain their
    playfulness well into old age. The American Shorthair routinely is found in published
    lists of the top ten most popular cats.

          The American shorthair is an extraordinarily beautiful breed and comes in over
    eighty recognized colors and patterns: solid colors, shaded colors, smokes, tabbies,
    particolors and bicolors. One of the most beautiful color patterns is the silver tabby. The
    silver tabby has dense black tiger type stripes over a clear silvery background. It way or
    may not have white markings as well. So popular is this color pattern that more than one
    third of all American Shorthairs are now silver tabby. This color is so striking that cats
    that have it are often used in advertising or in the movies. The second most popular color
    for American Shorthairs is brown tabby. A brown tabby has black tiger markings over a
    brown background.

    The American Shorthair cat is a sturdy American original with winning ways and
    comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Give the American Shorthair a closer look. A
    gentle, loving, loyal companion and also a fierce mouse hunter, the American Shorthair
    can and has filled many roles over the years. This cat may be exactly what you are
    looking for in a new companion.


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