• Steam Cleaner Vacuum

    Steam Cleaner Vacuum

    A selection of hot water extractors are being marketed
    that range from the large or small canister types
    with hose and nozzle to those that look more like an
    upright vacuum cleaner.  The basic operation of the
    steam cleaner vacuum involves spraying a mixture
    of warm water and detergent into the carpet, washing
    the fibers and then extracting the solution mixture
    back out.  There are some models that include
    rotating or revolving brushes that will agitate the
    carpet for better cleaning.

    The earlier styles that were sold consisted of a
    special wand and nozzle that was used to on wet/dry
    utility type of vacuum cleaner.  The long hose was
    connected to a nearby hot water source.  The detergent
    came in a small bottle on the wand and was mixed with
    hot water before being sprayed on the carpet.  By
    using a finger controlled valve, you should control
    how much water was sprayed in the carpet.  Even today,
    this type of vacuum is still being used.

    The more modern designs are more self contained in
    the sense that water and detergent mixtures are
    placed into a tank on the machine.  This will free
    you from the long water supply hose.

    The main part of an extractor will consist of a
    cleaning solution tank, recovery tank, suction motor,
    cleaning nozzle, and some sort of solution spraying
    system.  If there is a hose that is used, there
    will also be a motor or turbine driven pump that
    will force the solution on to the end of the hose.

    Upright steam cleaners
    These types of vacuums look like uprights also
    have the tanks, suction motor, main nozzle, and
    other features built into one. The entire vacuum
    unit is pushed around much like using an upright
    vacuum cleaner.  Normally, the solution is gravity
    fed to the spray nozzle which is directly behind
    the suction nozzle.

    Most types have brushes mounted in the same area
    to agitate the carpet for overall better cleaning.
    For cleaning upholstered furniture and carpeted
    stairs, most types will have a special hose and
    smaller nozzle that will come with stationary
    brushes that can easily detach.

    Canister steam cleaners
    This type of steam cleaner will come with a separate
    hose and nozzle and has the tanks and suction motor
    built directly into a case that is pulled along
    with you.  The nozzle at the end of the hose and
    the wands are moved back and forth across the carpet
    to clean it.

    There are some deluxe models that have a drive motor
    style revolving brush in the nozzle that will help
    you with the process of cleaning.  These types of
    nozzles are much lighter to move acros the carpet
    than the upright types of steam cleaners.

    The only disadvantage is that they aren't as
    convenient to set up and store as the self contained
    upright type.  Therefore, having to pull them
    around with you can be a pain in the neck.  The
    smaller portable extractor is a variation of the
    canister type in a small package.  Even though this
    may sound great to have for stairs and furniture,
    the effectiveness they offer is actually quite

    Steam cleaners work the best when they used on a
    periodic basis to clean carpets that are very
    lightly soiled.  If you use them on carpet that is
    very heavily soiled or stained, it can be very
    disappointing to say the least.

    If you have the need for heavy duty cleaning, you
    should look into the professional cleaning
    services that are offered in your area.  They have
    heavy duty commercial equipment that is far more
    powerful and able to produce much better results.


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