• Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

    Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

    In type 2 diabetes, the body is still producing insulin but it is not being utilized properly.
    This is known as insulin resistance.  When a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,
    there are more treatment options available to them as opposed to people diagnosed with
    type 1 diabetes.

    Depending on the blood sugar levels in a patient, their weight and other health factors,
    the doctor will decide whether the diabetes can be controlled by one of the following

    * Diet and exercise – a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise can be used for
    people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes whose blood sugar levels are only
    slightly elevated
    * Oral medication – is for patients whose blood sugars are higher than they should
    be but not to the point that necessitates an injection of insulin
    * Insulin injections – a daily injection (or more) of insulin is needed when higher
    blood sugars are present

    A type 2 diabetic may cycle through the different treatment methods throughout their
    lifetime.  It is based on how well they are managing their diabetes and how their body is
    reacting to the treatment plan.  Some people will never have to go past the diet and
    exercise portion and can gain control by maintaining a healthy body weight and eating
    the right foods on a diabetic diet.

    Other people may start at diet and exercise but as the disease progresses may have to
    move from oral medication to injections over time.  These changes will be determined by
    your doctor based on physical check-ups and the results of your daily blood sugar
    monitoring.  If you would like to cut back on your medication or the type of treatment
    you are on, speak to your doctor about your goal and a plan can be put in place to better
    manage your diabetes.


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